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Temporary Service Note: Apparently Internet Explorer has done some kind of update that is giving some customers issues downloading today. If this happens please use Chrome or another browser to download. It will work fine. You may also try changing a setting that the update changed on your computer. This is listed below. It's a known issue that is them, not us. If you don't have another browser installed please email & we can send you files for your order, when we get your request. Please be prepared for a short wait if that's the case.

Here are a couple of things that have been known to take care of the problem. Please try them if you like or do not have the option of using another browser.

This appears to be an issue related to an update of Internet Explorer 9 and installation or updating to Internet Explorer 10. If you’re set up for automatic updates it’s highly likely that most recent update to Internet Explorer (IE) that was done on or near 12/5/13 is the cause. It’s not related to our website or your computer. Common symptoms include multiple browser windows flashing open & shutting, then a message similar to "this file can not be downloaded", when trying to download. Can be followed by internet browser shutting down completely. But IE appears to work fine when not trying to download. This has made some customers wonder if it has something to do with our site. It's related to the fact that our site has secure downloading, but not our site in general. It's an Internet Explorer issue and the update of IE9 or the installation of IE10 issue, but there is a setting change on your own computer listed below that you can try that may fixed the issue.

"File couldn't be downloaded" SETTING CHANGE TO FIX THIS:

The fix to this is simple. Do the following and you will again be able to download using IE9.

Start Internet Explorer.

Click on the Settings Icon in the upper right corner ( usually looks like a gear)

Click Internet Options

Click the Advanced Tab (usually the last one to the right)

Scroll down to the Security Section and uncheck the box next to "do not save encrypted pages to disk.

Click Apply, then ok. Close internet explorer and then reopen internet explorer. You all should be good now :-)

If this doesn’t work

The problem can usually be resolved by reinstalling Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

If you aren't comfortable with making these changes:

Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or any other browser to download your files until either 1) another update or patch is released, or 2) you find someone that is comfortable making these setting changes for you.

Thank you.