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Digi-Tech Designs, Downloading Instructions
Thank you for your order. Our pattern site uses instant downloading. No patterns files are sent to your email as part of a regular order process. You can download them immediately using the directions below,
and there are videos on how to download on our YouTube channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/digitechjess (please note current video is from old website, but general instructions are similar. Written instructions below are most current information.) Downloading to a MAC & need help transferring the file to a USB click here: Transfer File from MAC to USB
Inthe header click on the Account link.

· Then log in. Now you should see the main Account page.
· Find the text for the first gray section labeled My Orders and right below it click on the link that says Review Orders / Download Files.
· The next page will show your order summary & on the right in large print the word Download with red arrows flashing at it. Please click Download (not the blue download files button on the left or you will go in circles).
· That will take you to the page that shows the full invoice where your could print it & right above the invoice there is a link with a blue arrow motioning down that says “click here to download files” Click that link.
· Then all your download files for that order should show and then download as usual by clicking on the file name. When you click on the file to be downloaded, click on SAVE, or SAVE AS for your choice of what to do with the file. Choosing SAVE will usually save the file to a folder on your computer named Downloads. Choosing SAVE AS will give you options of where you'd like to have the file saved on your computer. You will also have the choice of OPEN, but don't use that unless you have to & intend to copy & paste the files to a location on your computer. If you use OPEN and do not specifically copy & paste the files to your computer they won't be saved to your computer because you've opened them on our server instead of saving them to your computer. So when you close the window the files are then gone, not saved to your computer. RULE TO FOLLOW, ALWAYS CLICK SAVE OR SAVE AS, NEVER OPEN UNLESS THAT'S YOUR ONLY CHOICE.

Pictures of sample pages are below. Read below the images if you need help unzipping & transferring files to your computerized quilting system.

Page 1 of Account. In your account find Review Orders/Download Files link (highlighted) and click on it.

Next page Click on text next to blue arrow that is motioning down.

Page where downloadable file links are located. Click on each file name to start the downloading process.

If using Windows 10, please review the information in this link as to how Windows 10 Download Manager is used in downloading files. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/using-download-manager-internet-explorer#1TC=windows-7

After the file has completed downloading from our site, you will need to unzip/extract the zip (compressed zip) folder. Go to the place that you selected the file to be saved to and you will need to unzip/extract the zip file. The instructions for this are in your help menu of your regular computer by searching the help menu for UNZIP or EXTRACT zip folders. Basic instructions are as follows: Right click on the zip file once, then select EXTRACT or EXTRACT ALL then a window will pop up asking for a location or lists a location & has a browse button next to the location listed. Just leave that as it is, then click EXTRACT or NEXT which would be posted near the bottom right of that popped up request option. Now there will be a regular folder & the zip folder of the same name in the same location. Go ahead and open the regular/normal looking folder as you normally would. You will see many different files since you we support many different machine systems. You will look for the format (file extension after the name, usually 2-4 characters after the dot) that your system uses. If you are not sure what format you use please consult your manual or your dealer. RIGHT click on the format that you need. Select COPY from the popup menu. It will look like nothing has happened, that's normal. Now open your flash/USB drive or SD card (depends on what your quilting system uses) and RIGHT click in a spot that is blank on the window for that device. Now select PASTE. The file that you copied should now appear. Then take the USB/Flash drive/SD card over to your quilting system and use the pattern.

Windows 10 Users: Please note that a new app called 3D Builder has been included in Windows 10. This has changed the description of DXF files. The description will read "3D Object". It is still a DXF file. You can allow the DXF file extension to show by changing a few settings. This information is available is available here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hide-file-name-extensions#show-hide-file-name-extensions=windows-7 or you can have us walk you through it by requesting a consultation time as part of our Beyond The Help Desk service.
* Information on unzipping & transferring files using WINDOWS 10:

* Information on correcting the program associated with opening zip or other files:
Here is information that will help you to change the program that is being used as the default program for opening zip files. http://www.howtogeek.com/137483/beginner-geek-7-ways-you-can-change-default-applications-and-file-associations-in-windows/ What you’ll want to do is make the default program for opening zip files Windows Explorer. Make sure not to choose Internet Explorer, as that is different from Windows Explorer. Here is how to find that: http://www.bitser.org/restore-zip-file-association-to-windows-default.shtm

Here is a link to our information on options for additional help: Beyond The Help Desk


Side note: Some systems have separate software for laying out the pattern, while others have it built in. You will need to find out whether or not you need to open the file in a separate software & resize/edit/layout the pattern the way you want first before taking it to the embroidery machine. If so then please do that before taking the file to your system. If you have specific questions about your embroidery software we will try to help but our expertise extends to downloading, transferring designs to all systems, training on Babylock machines & Intelliquilter quilting systems & a variety of software programs. Your dealer should be able to answer any questions specifically involving your embroidery software, computerized system, or your training needs. We can help with much of this but we do need to charge for our time if it involves training you to use your system's software if you have not purchased your system/software from us. We also need to have this type of consultation scheduled by appointment.

If you are transferring patterns to Intelliquilter, here is the resource that provides specific information: http://www.intelliquilter.com/iQpedia/Adding-Patterns-to-IQ.php

Downloading to a MAC & need help transferring the file to a USB click here:
To use drag & drop method to transfer files: Video to transfer file from MAC to USB
To use right click copy/paste method to transfer files:
Transfer File from MAC to USB

Video specific to downloading & transferring patterns to systems using Quilter's Creative Touch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa7IIhpGL5c
Importing patterns to Quilter's Creative Touch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6YFm1hCQg

We recommend that all customers try out a few of our free patterns to practice downloading. You will have at least 3 tries at downloading each pattern by default, but we can reset an item if something doesn’t work the way you expected. We just need you to email with your order date or order number (NOT the confirmation number), the item number, and of course your full name and a request to reset the item. We’ll reset it so that a couple more attempts are allowed and you’ll get an email confirming that we’ve reset the item. We check emails about every hour during our regular support hours & occasionally after hours & on weekends and take care of resets & questions at that time.

Thank you & if you still have questions please email us at