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Please read Copyright & Licensing Information that is below the Question & Answer section before ordering. By ordering you agree to the terms of the licensing information stated in that section.

Q: What digital formats do you support / offer:

A: Downloadable Computerized Quilting: Our zip files contain all supported formats. See below for formats that will work with your quilting system.

DXF = Most computerized quilting systems are able to use this or their format may be written from this type. Please see your manual to see if your machine will read this file directly. Some systems that support DXF include: Compuquilter, Intelliquilter, Statler Stitcher, Quilt Motion, Quilt Artist, Quilt Magician, Quilt Path, Shirley Stitcher, Machine Quilting robot, Side Saddle, Artistic Robot, Bernina Q-matic.

CQP = Compuquilter, Quilt Path, Intelliquilter, Artistic Robot.

IQP = Intelliquilter

QLI = Statler Stitcher, Pro-Stitcher, Compuquilter, Shirley Stitcher, Quilt Motion, Quilt Sew Clever, Quilt Artist, Quilt Magician, Quilt Path, Artistic Robot, Bernina Q-matic.

HQF = Handi-Quilter Pro-Stitcher

TXT = HQ Pro-Stitcher, PC Quilter

PAT = Innova AutoPilot

PLT = QBot ( also reads 4QB)

SSD = Side Saddle System

GPF = QuiltPath, Quiltmagine, and any system supported by Grace Co (currently available in patterns created after 2014).
BQM = Bernina Q-matic (available in patterns created after 2016)

PDF/WMF/DXF/SVG = Vector Artwork files that can be used to download, resize & print from your own printer or at local print shop. We recommend the free graphic design software Inkscape for resizing & printing if you do not have other available software. It’s available at www.inkscape.org. You may email, info@digitechpatterns.com to request a brief tutorial be sent to you. There are also some videos on YouTube that describe the general use of Inkscape.

Digital formats are bundled together in a Zip file (see your computer help menu for information on zip files (also known as compressed files) That will need to be unzipped before use.All file formats that are available will be included in the zip file.

Windows 10 Users: Please note that a new app called 3D Builder has been included in Windows 10. This has changed the description of DXF files. The description will read "3D Object". It is still a DXF file. You can allow the DXF file extension to show by changing a few settings. This information is available is available here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hide-file-name-extensions#show-hide-file-name-extensions=windows-7 or you can have us walk you through it by requesting a consultation time as part of our Beyond The Help Desk service.

We offer Paper Patterns Printed & Shipped to you:To order a paper pattern shipped to you, you must order the pattern from our paper pattern website: www.digitechpaper.com

We offer Downloadable Machine Embroidery on our embroidery site. The site you are on is for digital quilting formats only:= EMB - zip file includes:DST, EXP, PES, PCS, HUS, VIP, SHV, JEF, SEW, CSD, & XXX, formats.SEE OUR SISTER SITE FOR ALL NEW EMBROIDERY DESIGNS: WWW.DIGITECHEMBROIDERY.COM.

Q: Do I have to wait for an email with my design files?
A: No, all of our downloadable design files are available immediately upon payment. Go to the Customer Service page, login & follow the Download Files or Download History page. You will see the available files there. If you need more information, full instructions for checkout & downloading are posted below.


Checkout Instructions: Items will be added to your cart on the detail page for the product after you've selected the Delivery Method & Format. When ready:

1) Click on View Cart or Checkout, located in the upper right of all pages, or the blue Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom of the cart area.

2) You'll be asked to sign in (register only if you are a new customer). Please note that our login & password system is case sensitive. If you used capital letters in either your email or password when you registered you'll need to type them in that way for login. You may choose between credit/debit card or Paypal for payment methods. Choose one of them even if you only have FREE designs in your cart, just to get through checkout. No charges will be submitted if the designs are all free, or if you have a store credit. Store credits will apply themselves automatically.

3) Enter payment information if needed. Click continue checkout.

4) Order Confirmation Page: Order are not completed until you click Pay Now, make the payment (if using Paypal) and received a Confirmation number.

info@digitechpatterns.com. Information on unzipping & file transfer can be found in the help menu on your laptop or desktop computer (location: Start button , then look for Help & Support, type in Unzipping files.

Q: Why do I have to enter any of my information or payment information when ordering FREE patterns?

A: We have to have registration information for customers who would like to receive all downloadable products, including the freebies. You will be asked for payment information on freebies also, but if you have not already provided preferred payment information upon registration you can select Check/MO as the payment & will still be able to proceed with an order that contains only free patterns or catalog. The download will still be available right away, as there won't be any payment due. If you have selected Paypal as your preferred payment method, you may need to enter 1 penny ($0.01) when you get to page that processes Paypal transactions, as Paypal will not process any order that is for an amount of zero. These are Paypal rules, not our rules.

Q: What are your shipping costs?
A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order. You may choose from several shipping methods during checkout. If you are purchasing downloadable patterns only, please leave all the shipping information as the default that shows up or you will be charged shipping. If you leave it alone you won't. The system will know that you want downloads & shouldn't charge shipping. If you purchase a physical product at the same time as downloadable products the order will get stuck in shipping until we push the order through. Please do not attempt to download until we've pushed that order. It won't be successful & forces us to reset your order in addition to pushing it through shipping. This can be prevented by ordering downloads separate from physical products, which we recommend.

Q: What free software can I use to resize & print the PDF files that I've purchased?

A: Download Inkscape ( www.inkscape.org ) and request the free tutorial by emailing: info@digitechpatterns.com that covers basic command locations & setting up pantos for self printing. you can also download & use the Drawing program that is part of Open Office Productivity Suite. We have no support for the Open Office Drawing program. We highly recommend Inkscape as there are also videos on YouTube to help you with its general use. The general use videos are not necessarily geared toward quilting patterns, but are good general information.

Q: I am having trouble using my DXF files for Statler Stitcher, what's wrong?
A: You should only order the DXF format listed on our site if you can not find any other machine specific format listed for your system. ALL OF OUR MACHINE SPECIFIC FORMATS CONTAIN THE DXF FILE USED TO CREATE THE COMMAND FILE FOR THAT SYSTEM. So there is no need to order DXF in order to get a DXF file. It will automatically be included in the zip folder that contains the command file. The DXF file that has _X or _Statler in the name of the file is the DXF file that we've added the macros to that allow Statler Stitcher to read that file. Statler doesn't read a plain DXF file. You will get a CAD error message. If you get one, please look for the QLI file or the DXF that is designed for Statler systems. The QLI will always be arc based digitizing.

Q: Can I use these patterns for hand quilting or on my domestic sewing machine?
A: Yes, Download the design files in the PDF format. It is specifically geared toward printing of paper patterns. Then mark as you normally would. You can now use them for a domestic machine quilting guide or for hand quilting. To order: Choose Delivery Method = DOWNLOAD and Format = PDF or INCLUSIVE (then lists PDF as one of the available formats). You can also order our patterns printed & shipped to you. To do this: Pick Delivery Method = SHIP & Format = PAPER, then pick the size you’d like shipped to you. Email us for specific instructions on printing continuous pantograph patterns, if you’d like to download, resize & print patterns on your own printer, info@digitechpatterns.com

Q: What file should I download for my embroidery machine?

A: We support embroidery formats on our embroidery website, www.digitechembroidery.com The following formats are included in the zip files. PES, DST, EXP, PCS, HUS, VIP, JEF, SEW, CSD, & XXX. Do not order on this site if you need embroidery formats. We can not send them to you unless you order from the dedicated embroidery site.

COPYRIGHT & LICENSING INFORMATION - Please read before purchasing:

Purchase of designs constitutes knowledge & agreement to the following terms

1) Our designs in their general purchase directly from the site are a 3 seat package. A customer with an Individual use purchase (those normally associated with the purchase of patterns from our site) may install the pattern that they have purchased on upto 3 quilting systems that are owned by said licensee/customer. If a pattern is to be used on more than 3 machines a commercial licensing package will need to be obtained. Licensee may use patterns at their discretion in their “cottage industry” by themselves or their employee(s).

2) This does not include rental customers. Options for rental customers are as follows: Rental customers will need to purchase the design themselves or Shop owner must obtain commercial licensing package from Digi-Tech which will allow the use by renters on machines, on up to 3 machine systems owned by business/shop owner. (See #3 for those terms.)

3) Commercial licensing is based on level of use and will be paid yearly at the 4 lowest levels, quarterly at the highest level. Up to 50 uses per year = $2.00 per use with a $50 initial licensing commitment. Over 50 & up to 250 uses = $1.00 per use ($250/year), up to 500 uses $.75 per use ($375), up to 1000 uses $.50 per use ($500/year) beyond 1000 uses per year or unlimited lifetime license would be $0.25/use to be paid quarterly along with use reports submitted for verification. At such time that pattern is no longer to be used in a commercial aspect a notarized letter stating such patterns retirement from use will be mailed to Digi-Tech Designs, LLC , 1004 Daniels Av, Altoona, WI 54720. Commercial licensing may be applied to rental shops/studios instead of the rental customer purchasing each pattern themselves, or the shop owner purchasing the patterns at wholesale minimums & then reselling them to each customer.

4) In the event that licensee sells their current machine system they are permitted to transfer the pattern license to the new owner, however they are not allowed to keep any copies of the patterns that will have licensing transferred. This means that if you have the patterns on multiple systems & sell one system and want to offer the pattern license transfer with that system you MUST remove that pattern from any other systems that you currently have it on as well. We also request that a written list of pattern files to be included in licensing transfer be emailed to info@digitechpatterns.com so that we can update customer records, as we do have a complete database of patterns ordered & therefore who retains the current license.

5) If a licensee is changing computerized systems, Digi-Tech will make every effort to assist the customer in updating their pattern files to the formats that will work with their new system, with the condition that they will not be offering pattern licensing transfer of the specific patterns for which format updating has been requested to the new owner of the previous system. Upon request to update a format, licensee automatically agrees that this pattern is not currently part of a license transfer process. Additionally, we support the copyright protection afforded to the designers that work with us to the full extent. By purchasing or downloading any designs from this site you are agree to the terms of copyright protection under the law. No copyright information shall be stripped from downloaded files. This extends to all file types. The copyright information contained within the image, PDF & WMF files will extend to the other digital files contained within any zip file packaging that customer downloads, regardless of whether specific copyright information is contained within executable command files used to operate any CNC, CAM, or CAD dependent machinery. Users shall not redistribute files, packaged information, or reproduce said files in any way, other than 1 copy for backup purposes and to install on up to 3 systems at your 1 location. - If you have any questions regarding the extent of copyright protection please see Federal Copyright Law, or you may email info@digitechpatterns.com for the website that pertains to Federal Copyright Law.

Q: What should I do if I am having trouble or getting an error message, like "you have to be a registered customer to order this item"?

A: 1) Make sure that you are putting in the correct email & password. They are both case sensitive. 2) If you have clicked on the Yellow Paypal button, please try clicking on the Blue Sign In button (even if you have signed in earlier). You have to do this if you are ordering digital products. You will be able to select Paypal for payment in step 4 of checkout after signing in. This is the problem 90% of the time following the Checkout & Download Instructions below is recommended.

If you need additional assistance please let us know & we will be happy to help. This is our #1 tech support question and we would move or get rid of that Yellow Paypal button if we could. We continue to work on that issue.

ORDER RECOVERY SERVICES: We will help you to retrieve your files. You can retrieve files from your order history for the last 2 years. If you need to have us help you recover orders older than that, the charge is an hourly rate of $80/hour, which amounts to approximately $.50 per pattern. Sets are recovered based on the # of files in the set counted as individuals or the actual hourly labor rate, whichever is less. We encourage customers to save the entire zip file on a cloud drive

Thank you & if you still have questions please email us at